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Natural wood furniture is at home everywhere

Furniture made of natural pine / solid wood is at home in all furnishing styles and they are as unmistakable, versatile and individual as you are. Whether you prefer to furnish yourself in a classic, rustic, modern or elegant way - with natural pine wood you are always right.

We are a company specializing in bedrooms and living rooms and only work with 100% organic pine wood from ecological Finnish forests and nothing else is out of the question for us. Despite the high-quality materials, the elaborate designs and the ultra-modern, precise production, we can offer you the best possible prices because we specialize in selling directly from the factory. When designing the assortment and the product designs, we lean on the rustic architecture, which is characterized by simplicity, clear lines and shapes . Well-being should be supported by the harmony between space and furnishings. For the manufacture of our products we only use natural materials from ecological forestry operations . 100% organic product solid pine wood .

Quite simply and by no means without. Nature in its almost endless diversity gives us a tree with striking color variations. From the natural uniqueness of the material with all the characteristics of its originality and authenticity , unique pieces of extravagant beauty are created. Pleasantly different from the often too polished, perfected and unnatural world in which we live.

The best wood

...our material pine natural wood from Finland

Only purely ecological raw materials and materials are used for production. Due to the different grains, this piece of furniture exudes a unique antique, Mediterranean flair and is therefore an absolute eye-catcher in every room. We guarantee that only selected 1a woods are used for the production of our furniture and are subject to the strictest selection criteria . As a protective layer, a transparent lacquer layer in the nanometer range is applied in a special, ultra-modern process, which has an almost antibacterial effect. Of course, all of our lacquers and stains are solvent-free . And 100% allergen -free. The light honey-colored hue of the pine furniture suits any interior and provides a pleasant flair. Pine wood is known for its uniqueness in color and grain. The furniture is easy to care for and can be wiped with a damp cloth or treated with any furniture care oil. Your grandchildren will still enjoy this piece of furniture because it is made of fine, solid wood with a distinctive and exclusive character .

Please note that each piece of furniture is unique in solid pine and not veneered mass-produced goods. Visible wood-specific features such as knots, crevices and irregularities in the surface of the furniture are a sign of the natural raw material WOOD . Small irregularities and bumps that can occur (such as notches, cracks, color differences, etc.) do not represent a defect, but rather underline its individual character and are wanted. We love this structure!

Kiefer Massivholz Möbelserien Kiefermöbel Kieferbetten Kieferkommoden Kieferschränke Kiefertische Landhausmöbel Echtholzmöbel Naturmöbel Biomöbel Massivholzmöbel
Kiefer Massivholz Möbelserien Kiefermöbel Kieferbetten Kieferkommoden Kieferschränke Kiefertische Landhausmöbel Echtholzmöbel Naturmöbel Biomöbel Massivholzmöbel
In harmony with nature

Naturally grown

As the name suggests, natural wood furniture consists of naturally grown wood , which is also natural and whose structure is not destroyed by chemicals or mechanical influences. Natural wood owes its millennia-old, permanent place in our living culture to its special properties, its warmth and charisma and its pleasant feel . In contrast to furniture, which is often only produced for a short period of use, furniture made of natural wood promises robustness, durability and easy care and they stand for lasting values ​​and tradition . And natural wood simply fits into any ambience and naturally enhances every room. Even a sterile and cool-looking interior suddenly experiences a "change of mood" when combined with furniture made of natural wood and radiates quality and cosiness.

FSC certified & 100% organic

The FSC system for the certification of forestry was established to ensure the sustainable use of forests; this includes maintaining and also improving the economic, ecological and social functions of forest enterprises . For this purpose, the FSC developed a general and transnational standard, such as sustainable forestry .

Sustainable forest management means managing forest land and using it in such a way and to the extent that it maintains or improves its productivity (including its soil-yielding capacity), its ability to regenerate and its vitality . This means that only selected trees are felled, thus preventing land clearing and clear-cutting. Here, no more wood is harvested than it grows back. Pesticides and fertilizers are not sprayed on farmland and building land within a 15km radius. Biological and ecological forest use calls for the restoration or preservation of near-natural forests, for example through natural forest regeneration and by prohibiting the planting of genetically modified plants .

The forest floor is protected by doing without soil drainage, tillage and extensive driving. The forest development and the wood harvest run gently . The natural biodiversity and forest dynamics are preserved . The biological ecological use of the forest is comprehensively and comprehensibly documented, both the management and the flow of goods.

Kiefer Massivholz - Kiefermöbel - Kieferbett - Kieferkommode
Kiefer Massivholz - Kiefermöbel - Kieferbett - Kieferkommode
Solid pine wood

Short and sweet:

- we are a family business and rely on personal advice.
- You buy directly from the manufacturer from 1st hand.
- no call center, no robots, always direct customer-oriented contact
- Decades of experience make us pine solid wood furniture experts
- Pine solid wood furniture of all kinds - from robust to classic to modern

With us you will find a huge selection of high-quality pine solid wood furniture , because we have specialized in this natural material. Harmful substance tests of the raw materials according to the strict specifications of our pollutant test guarantee guarantee the best quality. At Kiefer Massivholz you get selected solid wood furniture in master quality, directly from the manufacturer.