When you buy new furniture, you want it to be functional and elegant. When choosing, you are guided by their design and want to use them to underline the style of the interior. However, you realize that daily use can cause them to lose their original shine. This happens with all types of furniture, but damage to white is the most visible. Can they be prevented? And if they exist, can they be eliminated? If so, in what way? How do I remove scratches from white furniture?

Scratches on furniture – causes and types

Scratches on furniture can occur in many different ways. However, most often they are caused by improper care and moving objects on their surface. For example, when you move a picture frame or vase without lifting it, or when you clean it with a rough sponge or dry cloth. Therefore, remember that using these simple methods, such as moistening a soft cloth with water and moving objects on the furniture by lifting, will help you avoid problems with scratches. However, when they appear, it's worth knowing how to get rid of them.

Before we tell you How to remove scratches from furniture , you should know that the way they are made is crucial to removing scratches from their surface. Scratches on the furniture Lacquered furniture requires different methods than laminated or wooden furniture.

How do I remove scratches from furniture? Proven ways

If you search the internet for ways to remove scratches from furniture, you'll find advice on using crayons, wood wax, or even rubbing the scratches with nuts. However, while they are able to cover minor scratches on the surface of wooden furniture, they cannot cope with scratches and damage on the surface of white furniture. How to remove so scratches from white furniture?

Remove scratches from painted furniture

On matt or high-gloss lacquered furniture, the best way to remove scratches is to use a special pen that you carefully fill into a single, deep scratch. If the damage affects a larger area, it works Furniture polish is better for scratches . Such a special polishing paste also fills small cavities that may not be visible at first glance but can be seen under light.

Ways to scratch laminate furniture

Removing scratches from laminate furniture can be a little more difficult. Although damage to their surface occurs as with lacquered furniture, their construction is more demanding. While a special crayon or wax is sufficient to conceal individual scratches, it is more difficult to treat larger damage. Here functions Furniture polish for scratches not. A special polyester resin should be used to remove scratches caused by scrubbing, sliding objects across the surface, and improper cleaning.

Even though you already know... The best way to remove scratches from white furniture is to avoid them. It doesn't take much to protect dressers, cupboards or tables from damage. Lift everything that is on it, move it to another location and clean the fronts and carcasses properly, and your furniture will stay fresher for longer.