How to decorate a living room with a fireplace so that the room is cozy, harmonious and functional at the same time? It all depends on the interior style in which we want to furnish the living room and individual needs. When planning the room, it is worth taking into account even the smallest details that may seem insignificant only at first glance. Features, accessories and even shading of walls or floors are important. So, What color should the living room with a fireplace be painted? and how to arrange it to get the interior of your dreams? Find out today!

How to furnish a living room with a fireplace?

How to decorate a living room with a fireplace - this question is asked by many people who have no idea how to furnish a living room. In fact, it is difficult to answer this unequivocally, since there is no single proven recipe for success in this case. Each of us has completely different preferences and needs, so it's worth familiarizing yourself with a few inspirations to choose the right trend and create a cozy living room with a fireplace.

  • How to design a living room with a fireplace in a modern style?

The modern style is characterized by minimalism, simplicity and elegance. It has an ascetic atmosphere, so in this case it is worth relying on equally minimalist furnishings and muted, neutral colors. The fireplace itself should have a modern design and geometric shape, and in its surroundings it is worth using raw concrete for the wall.

  • How to arrange a living room with a fireplace in a classic style?

The classic style should be dominated by wooden furniture with a timeless style that fits perfectly with a traditional fireplace. A great addition to the interior will be various types of ceiling moldings, beveled door frames and cornices. Above the fireplace it is worth hanging a mirror in a gold frame and relying on warm colors. It is worth choosing furniture and lighting elements in a similar tone.

  • How to arrange a living room with one Retro fireplace?

In the case of a retro-style living room, the fireplace should look like it comes from the old days and its glory years are long behind it. It is worth finishing the interior with raw bricks, which can also be used to cover the fireplace. Leather sofa sets and antiqued decorations are the perfect addition to a vintage-style living room.

  • How to design a living room with a fireplace in glamor style?

Glamor style is associated with glamor and luxury. Such an arrangement is an ideal place for a fireplace in a very decorative shape, surrounded by marble. It is worth using stucco on the walls and opting for velor upholstery with elegant quilting. Exclusive accessories should shine with shine.

What color should the living room with a fireplace be painted?

What color should the living room with a fireplace be painted? ? For each! It is so because there is not the only shade that is recommended in this case. In fact, the only limit should be our imagination. The only thing that should be remembered is to correctly match the color of the walls with the color of the floor, elements of equipment and accessories. This creates coherence and harmony in the interior, which creates a positive atmosphere when relaxing and resting.

It's generally accepted that bright rooms are more spacious and therefore can feel less cozy, as can rooms painted in cool colors. The black color is also difficult to classify as cozy, but it is not worth being guided by stereotypes in this matter, as accessories can create a family and warm atmosphere. Plush cushions, fur pillows or blankets that feel comfortable and make changing diapers comfortable – these are just a few of the many suggestions.