How much does a general renovation of an apartment cost ?
This question keeps people up at night who are planning a living metamorphosis. In fact, the final price is influenced by several factors that should be taken into account during an initial evaluation. First of all, hang the costs of a renovation depends on how much remodeling you are planning - whether it is just minor changes or perhaps a complete revolution of the apartment where everything will be replaced. How high are allowed? the average cost of renovating an apartment per m² be and how much does a renovation team cost ? It is worth knowing the answers to these questions, especially if you do not intend to act alone, but want to seek the help of professionals.

Average renovation costs of an apartment per m² - what are the prices in the largest cities?

How much does a general renovation of an apartment cost? in individual cities? It's worth breaking this problem down to the first few factors. Undoubtedly, location plays a role. The renovation costs will certainly be higher in the big cities than in the surrounding areas. All because of the high competition and the associated price war as well as the financial possibilities of the residents, which are usually greater in large metropolises than in the suburbs due to better earnings.

In the following list we have average prices per m² for individual work in the largest cities:

  • Removal of old surface from walls and floors - depending on the type from 7 to 9 euros per m² ,
  • Tiling – from 15 to 20 euros per m² , depending on size,
  • Interior painting – from 12 to 20 euros per depending on the type and color of paint,
  • Laying parquet - from 12 to 20 euros per m², depending on the laying method,
  • Bathroom installation - from 20 to 100 euros per point, depending on whether it is the installation of a washbasin, bidet, toilet seat (classic / flush), shower cubicle, bathtub with batteries.

How do you initially estimate the renovation costs?

How much does a general renovation of an apartment cost? and how do you initially assess them? The first criterion that affects the price is of course the area - the larger the area, the higher the price. Also, start with the planned scope of work. Answer the question if:

  • Do you want to trade yourself or seek the help of professionals?
  • Are you planning a small renovation or a general renovation?
  • Do you opt for “premium” materials and components or are you looking for savings when purchasing?
  • Are you interested in serving a company that offers comprehensive interior design with an architect's design, or do you want to act according to your ideas, purchase materials yourself and only outsource standard renovation and construction work to a hired team?

The answers to these questions will certainly make it easier for you to create an initial valuation so that you can properly prepare financially for the renovation. At the same time, on this basis, you can revise the planned work - reduce or expand its scope.


  1. How much does a general renovation of an apartment cost? and what does the final price depend on?

The final price of the renovation depends on the size of the apartment, the location, the scope of work and whether you want to work on your own or seek the help of professionals.

  1. Average cost of renovating an apartment per m² - what do you need to prepare for?

The expected average renovation costs are between 350 and 900 euros per .

  1. How much does a renovation team cost and how to choose trustworthy professionals?

The costs for the team depend on the scope of the work commissioned, the time, the distance required to travel from the company headquarters to the home and any additional services, which include, but are not limited to, the purchase of materials or an architect's design.