The living room and the dining room are two rooms in the house that we like to spend time in. We gather there with our loved ones, strengthening bonds with games and shared meals. The living room is also a place where we relax, watch movies or hide in a corner with an interesting book. Therefore, these two places need to be equipped with comfortable furniture and something that many people forget and leave this problem at the end of the home furnishings - effective lighting. How to choose lamps for living room and dining room, so that they fulfill their function well?

How to illuminate the living room-dining room

Many people forget that light is very important for our daily functioning and decide to hang a lamp in the middle of the room that has no function in practice. In the meantime, we should approach the issue of lighting more carefully. Good lighting makes many activities easier and also has a positive effect on the indoor climate. It is therefore best to plan them right at the beginning of the interior design. How it goes? How do you choose lamps for the living room and dining room ?

How to choose lamps for the living room

The living room is a multifunctional place. In other words, we do many different activities in it that require different light. A side lamp on the wall is enough to watch movies in the evening. A floor lamp next to it is useful for reading a book in an armchair. On the other hand, when we play board games with our loved ones, we need much stronger light, and ceiling-mounted linear or spot lighting works best here. Things look different in the dining room.

How to choose a lamp for the dining room

The main piece of furniture in the dining room is the table and the lamp should hang above it. What shape and size this table is depends on what the lamp should be. Above a round table with a diameter of up to 120 cm, it is enough to hang a lamp with a shade that directs the beam of light downwards. A group of several lamps works better over a larger table. On the other hand, over a rectangular table, it is good to hang lamps in a row. The lighting made in this way allows you to see all the elements laid out on the table and therefore eat comfortably. But how to choose lamps for living and dining rooms, if these rooms are connected to each other?

Living room with dining room - how to choose lamps

When choosing Lamps for the living room with the dining room you should follow the same rules as when setting up these rooms separately. However, it is worth considering technical lighting that covers the entire ceiling. A linear system on which we hang movable spotlights or spots works well. The luminous flux of such lamps can be directed to the desired locations, thus providing illumination of almost the entire surface of the room. Only when such lighting is on the ceiling can we add additional lamps for the living room with dining room plan to hang in certain places.

When thinking about how to illuminate the living room with the dining room, you also need to think about the different types and strengths of light sources, or simply put - light bulbs. In the floor lamp placed next to the armchair, a light bulb with a power of up to 40 W is sufficient, but above the table a lamp with a higher power is useful.