The alcove in the bedroom is an ideal place for a wardrobe. If you only have it at home, consider placing a wardrobe in it that will not only hold your clothes or spare bedding, but also allow you to organize the interior space. In addition, add elegance to your home by choosing a natural wood wardrobe with strong lines in a classic style. Don't know how to proceed? We will tell you how to build a wardrobe in a niche .

How big should the niche for the wardrobe be?

Building a wardrobe in a niche is a great idea in both large and small rooms. However, you must know that its depth is crucial. A spacious wardrobe in which you can hang a lot of clothes must be at least 50 cm deep. Flatter can The niche for the wardrobe therefore cannot be. This allows you to use the hangers freely and move them comfortably. This would not be possible in a flatter case.

One that is too flat Wardrobe in the niche might not have a traditional bar for a hanger, and then you would have to layer clothes on top of each other. You know very well that it is time consuming. In addition, clothes, especially bedding, have a certain thickness and often protrude beyond the shelves when stacked on top of each other, so you may have difficulty closing the door if you have a flat wardrobe.

A wardrobe in a niche - how does it work?

Arranging even a small niche with a wardrobe is a great way to save space in the room. It is best if you can use all the available space up to the ceiling. For this reason, most niche wardrobes are custom-made. However, sometimes their installation is not possible for technical reasons. In addition, using ready-made furniture saves time and convenience. In addition, ready-made furniture offers an elegant design that can easily emphasize the character of the interior. That's why it's a good idea to buy a ready-made built-in wardrobe. The most important thing is that it has a well-planned layout.

Built-in closet layout

The wider and higher the wardrobe in the niche is , the more things you can fit in it. However, that doesn't mean that small closets are functional. A lot of clothes, underwear, accessories or bedding can be hidden in small wardrobes, you just have to pay attention to their interior design. How to make a wardrobe in a niche?

A functional wardrobe should contain at least a few shelves of different heights on which you can store pants or blouses, and a hanger bar on which you can hang shirts and dresses. Remember to pay attention to the size of your closet - if you have a lot of long dresses in it, it's good to have a high bar area.

Drawers for accessories and accessories, such as scarves, hats or belts, ensure the practical division of the built-in wardrobe. Therefore, when choosing a wardrobe for a niche, make sure that there is at least one drawer in it. If it is not possible due to space constraints, make sure there is an additional shelf for lightweight baskets or boxes where you hide these things.

You already know how to develop a niche in the apartment. If you follow our advice, yours will Built-in wardrobe sure look good. In our shop's offer you will find wardrobes in different sizes, from which you can easily choose the one that suits your home.